The green energy efficient projects are trending globally so our efforts to give brief idea about such projects, their characteristics and advantages in investing. Profits, sales, and revenues are undoubtedly important objectives that businesses need to achieve in order to survive. But businesses, whether small or big, have an even more important objective- maintaining environmental sustainability. Smart Building, Smart Community and Smart City and implementing solutions to build sustainable and energy-efficient commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings. Green building materials include wood from responsibly managed and certified forests, rapidly renewable plants like bamboo and straw, recycled stone or metal, and materials that are non-toxic and recyclable or that have been reclaimed from other construction projects. Passive solar technology or day lighting depends on window placement, the use of thermal mass and the building’s proper orientation to the sun to provide light and heat without any other apparatus.

Sustainability in the real estate context is not only limited to energy conservation but also includes the use of resources, impact on the surrounding environment and living conditions for inhabitants. Green buildings incorporate sustainable features like efficient use of water, energy, use of renewable energy and recycled/recyclable materials, effective use of landscapes, and building management systems. A green housing creates less waste and provides a healthier living environment. Increasingly more investors realize that social and environmental factors have an impact on the value of a real estate property, and there is growing interest in sustainable buildings. The standards include guidelines for energy benchmarking, lighting upgrades, recycling, water conservation, training, tenant communication, and quarterly reporting of all such actions taken to asset management. Green building certifications have grown popular with developers, architects, designers, property managers, and building occupants alike.

Some of the Critical factors of Energy Efficiency are :
• Location, Size and Building Design
• Green Building Materials and Waste Reduction
• Water Efficiency
• Indoor Environmental Quality

The main characteristics of the green buildings in Indian Real Estate are:
• Less consumption of water and electricity
• Use of techniques like electricity generation with solar panels, rain-water harvesting.
• Use of energy-efficient thermostats that reduce employing of power-sucking appliances like air-conditioner etc.
• Buildings with water treatment plants that recycle the waste water
• Use of natural building material instead of synthetic ones

Buildings that promote community living where a single resource caters to more number of people at a time, thus, enabling reduction in resource consumption and better utilization.
There are a number of advantages that an Eco-friendly business can reap. Here a few of them:
• Reduced waste and improved business efficiency.
• Tax and legal advantages, including credits, incentives, and various exemptions from the government.
• Creation of a healthy workspace.
• Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility.
• Creation of a sustainable environment.
• Health and Wellness improvement
• Environment-friendly: Saves huge amount of resources like power and water; use of renewable resources for construction; waste efficiency, reuse, and recycling, etc
• Lower Operating Costs
• Tax Incentives and Funding Opportunities
• Better Occupancy Rates
• Higher Rental Rates
• Streamlined Compliance
• Lower Emissions and many more..

The green buildings in India are getting nod from all walks of society because of the string of benefits attached to them. The biggest challenge faced by the Indian Real Estate sector is high cost of construction. The optimal use of land, development of multi-use buildings and better utilization of building material are some of the factors that are translating into better margins.

Energy efficient, environment-friendly Green homes and commercial structures is the new buzz word from homebuyers and office occupiers. Energy efficiency delivers energy savings and therefore energy cost savings, as well as direct environmental benefits. To conclude, green buildings are surely the future of Indian Real Estate. These are opening avenues for newer talented breed of architects, environmentalists and material suppliers who put their brains in bringing forth the models that give equal importance to both the modernization and conservation of resources. Buyers are also displaying positive sentiments towards the sustainable and eco-friendly building plans and are giving full support to the initiators by showing interest in e-homes and other time-tested construction models. With such increase in awareness and consequently, in demand of the sustainable buildings, calling greener buildings in India the future face of Indian Real Estate is certainly not an overstatement.

Designing and constructing safe, secure homes and communities is a primary goal. Builders must consider different issues, such as improved indoor air quality, electrical safety, ergonomics, and accident prevention. Optimizing Operations and Maintenance Practices covers materials and systems that simplify and reduce operational requirements, require less water, energy, and toxic chemicals and cleaners to maintain, are cost-effective and reduce life-cycle costs.

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