The business ideas, concepts, analysing, business models, finance, establishment, operations, management, marketing and brand positioning are the key steps to grow business

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The potential startups can register their firm to get exposure in the Startups Directory .
The startups initiated with innovative ideas, concept development, market research, data analysis, business model, planning, funding, establishment, operations in a very practical and strategic manner by single entrepreneur or group of professionals. Startups are the root of our economy by creating jobs and explore new innovations in various fields. Seed funding, venture capital, private equity, angel funding and bank finance are the common mode to accumulate finance for startups. Startups are instrumental to converge ideas into reality in the form of product or services and become an entrepreneur feels explicably happy. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in driving the overall industrial and economic development of a nation. They contribute towards balanced regional development, economic diversification, and social stability in addition to creating employment and driving GDP growth. Hence, today, most parts of the world consider nurturing entrepreneurship among the foremost priorities for overall economic development. The entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature of these SMEs have been crucial in driving competitiveness in the economy. MSMEs need to be technology literate to compete effectively, on the backdrop of increased competition in a global environment and uncertainty due to the global downturn. MSMEs will have to continuously incorporate latest technology into their production processes as well as in their marketing and management functions to cut costs, gain efficiency, and achieve economies of scale. However, the cost associated with implementation or adoption of technology, installing and maintaining information systems, and maintaining skilled workforce to operate the technology are high and as such would be of concern for many small firms. The key differentiators are innovations by startups in today’s dynamic market been considered as part of growing economy. Startups with innovative business ideas & business models have the ability to penetrate global market rapidly growing economic development & generation of employment to utilise human resources to establish meaningful social relation.

The Business ideas by startups can Register to get exposure in Business ideas Directory. The interested companies, investors, funds or professionals can approach to listed users directly for any business Associations as per their mutual interest.
The innovative business ideas created by startups.
What to start ?
Starting a small business can be challenging and rewarding with encouragement, inspiration and confidence. why so many people start new businesses each year, what the advantages of starting a business and why it may be the right time for you to become an entrepreneur. What is your interest, demand, needs & opportunities in the preferred location, business environment, supporting infrastructure. Financial criteria, approvals and overall growth opportunities. Need an intelligent business idea? Want to start your own business but not sure about the business opportunities available? Get inspiration from our platform. The business model is the key document of any successful startup comprise business concept, product or services, design development, strategy, establishment, operations, management, maintenance, marketing, procurement, Inventory planning & management, Training & skill development, research & development, innovations, technology implementation with unique business approach for overall growth in organise and practical manner.

The Venture Capital Funds, Banks and Financial Institutions can list their organisation to get exposure in Funding and Investment Directory. The interested startups required financial assistance can approach to listed funds, banks or financial Institutions. Startups are the root of our economy by creating jobs and explore new innovations in various fields. Seed funding, venture capital, private equity, angel funding and bank finance are the common mode to accumulate finance for startups.

Venture capital is the form of risk capital invested under substential business risk to create cash flow with the offload of private equity.

Private Equity comprises of equity securities which are not offered to public through stock exchange. The individuals or firms acquired PE against funding to startups with the expectations of high Rate of return.

Investment in businesses built on vibrant and new ideas enabled by path breaking use of technology. To see opportunities for wealth creation by entrepreneurial activity and rising growth aspirations. Successful strategic exit , angel investors release money against holding of equity in the company. Angel investor is an affluent individual, current or retired executives, business owners who provides capital for business startups at an early stage companies using high risk high return matrix.

Financing is necessary at early stage of a business cycle. It is required to help MSME to develop new products, setup and expand their operations. India has a well developed financial system comprising banks & financial institutions for the diverse financial needs of startups as well as existing entrepreneurs. Various banks and financial institutions cater to the diverse financial needs of micro, small and medium industries on various terms.

Startup India initiative aims to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation by creating an eco system conducive for the overall growth & development of startups. The knowledge based conference, seminars, workshops and exhibitions are being organised on national and international levels to share knowledge, promote the achievements, explore funding & investment opportunities.

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