Startups beginners guide

To create sustainable and diverse entrepreneurial eco system. Forefront of India’s technology revolution, capacity building, income generation. These venture are leading the dissemination of world class technology to inspire & support student, aspiring entrepreneurs. Comprise of faculty, studios & alumni to capitalize on these opportunities, practicing Managers, need based cross functional skills, strategic vision and superior management. The ecosystem consist of not just the overall macro environment but other collateral services providers. The eco system should be highly dynamic network of interrelated players. Any institution wishes to support the growth and development of entrepreneurship Converting business ideas into successful business calls for planning careful execution ideas to implementation through a structural mentoring program business models. Platform to develop leadership in a growth savvy industrial environment, the planned activities can gravitate unique innovative ideas. Incubate awareness and stimulate the culture entrepreneurship through section of activities. An entrepreneurial ecosystem facilitating efficient interaction between students, mentors, entrepreneurs & angel investors passionate entrepreneurs and innovators with remarkable professional integrating and social infrastructure.

Certain ingredients seems necessary for successful incubation. Flourishing incubator build links among leading institutions, startups and service providers. Combining top notch investment management mentorship driven accelerator program peripheral Innovation is the key differentiator for true champion and harnessing innovation by support of startups Connect early stage entrepreneurs with business leaders & investors to expedite marketing to scale up sales. The primary goal is to produce sustainable & successful firms providing young entrepreneurs and startups with advisory administrative support, partnership and networking opportunities. An effective platform and opportunities for knowledge sharing, interactive learning and networking among influential industry giants. To create economic empowerment through entrepreneurship provide suitable tools, skill, knowledge, market access, funding and advisory. A multi talent facility providing, infrastructure & facility to support and enhance the establishment & group of new companies Technology driven Innovations through business incubation and acceleration. Some of the significant parameters can be helpful for startups:

. Create concept, scalability & expansion, product design development, Viable pricing
• Work breakdown, and mapping the entire operations
• Analyse how your business idea fit with current market demand
• Set up business location, create basic infrastructure, support logistics, office space, workshop, design studio and other facilities as required
• Set a goal, monitor the progress to improve constantly.
• Be motivated under ups or down and perfecting the product
• Track the true consequences with courage and will to take risk
• Effective utilization of time and energy
• Cost saving and wastage control approach
• Strive to match the customer's needs towards quality and quantity.
• Research and Study thoroughly the market demand, trend, risk, competitors, reasons of failures, challenges, and evaluate your idea with customers perspectives.
• Create a detailed powerful business plan addressing relevant critical parameters
• Think and budget and financial constraints
• Identify compatible investors to raise capital
• Workout the marketing campaign with full determination
• Create powerful business name, brand strategy, professional web site
• Create a company, scope of work, registration, patent, trade mark, copyright, permits, licenses, bank accounts, PAN, TAN, Digital signature and all other statutory compliances.
• Establish strong network, participate startups networking
• Optimise usage of social media for brand promotion and awareness
• Skill set mapping, Hire Employee, Team Building, training & skill development
• Associate with Accounts and legal firm
• Develop intelligent functional website and mobile app
• Manage finances, cash flow, taxes and other statutory compliances
• Create a pitch
• Prepare daily schedule and effective monitoring system
• Organise promotion with potential perspective.
• Prepare Monetising Strategies and define financial projections
• Refine and upgrade product, marketing and sales approach periodically
• Networking and collaboration with leading institutions and organisations
• Continuously visible with brand awareness
• Digital and social media marketing
• Open bank account and setup accounting system
• Upgrade your smart phone and upload required apps
• Market competition, volume, scalability and solution analysis
• Highlight unique features of your product and services
• Learn from others mistakes
• SMS campaign and high mobile penetration
• Prepare Budget, Cash flow, Long term targets and expansion plans
• Build relationship with regular networking
• Create impressive marketing tools including business cards, letter heads, company profile, promoters profile with other relevant details.

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