Waterfront Properties  

Owning waterfront property is a dream of many citizens. When searching for the perfect waterfront home, there are some essential features we feel are most important to have on waterfront property.

Key Features

Large Windows
What’s the point of having a lakefront or oceanfront property if you can’t see the water? When looking for your beach house, keep in mind that large windows, especially on the wall faces that water, are going to be gorgeous year-round views that you’ll be able to enjoy. Many people choose to buy waterfront homes because of the peace and quiet that such a property affords. A view of the water and the surrounding environment helps to create a tranquil atmosphere and look for well-built decks or patios are must for outdoor entertaining and enjoy the rising or setting sun. Waterfront property has a built-in advantage you don’t get with other pieces of land — the views and opportunities that come with living alongside a lake, river, ocean or pond. The critical factors for the development of waterfront properties :
• Location & Neighborhood
• Architectural Design, Engineering & Planning
• Infrastructure, accessibility and amenities
• Interiors, furniture & furnishing
• Quality of construction
• Landscape & horticulture
Home automation allows you to control all of your home’s systems, including lights, heating, air conditioning, locks and even the TV and stereo system from a single remote source, such as on Smartphone.

Some of the Advantages in owning waterfront properties are :

Incredible Views
Living in a waterfront property is a lifelong dream of many people because of the luxury and exotic views the location provides. Be conscious of how the home is placed in relation to the sun and keep in mind that picture-perfect water views are one property feature that will never go out of style. You own the property year around so it’s important to consider what the property will be like throughout all four seasons of the year. Amazing views of clear sunsets and sunrise, countless birds flying above your house, will make you experience as if your front yard leads to a word filled with wonders of nature. Waking up to stunning views everyday is another pleasure in itself. One of the most enticing features of waterfront living is the large variety of options from villas to apartments, there are many areas with waterfront and beachfront properties in India are strategically developed to include the best facilities and amenities, as well as different property types that range from affordable to ultra luxurious, which make it great for renting and also investing.

Calm and peaceful atmosphere
When you have no neighbors living next to your property, tends to get more peace and privacy. Also the lack of traffic noise, pollution and other unwelcomed urban disturbances contributes largely to your mental peace and calmness. Living in a waterfront property exposes you to beautiful ecosystems. The abundance of birds, fish, crab, birds, and a green environment will provide a truly interesting glimpse of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Closer to Nature
Water body is like an open invitation for a fertile ecological environment. You can wake up to the sound of the morning birds and in the evening, see the sun dip into the lake’s horizon.

The Serenity
As we mentioned before, there are many fantastic places to live, but there is something magically serene about living around the water can provide unparalleled peace and serenity. Seeing and hearing crashing waves and wildlife and observing glorious sunrises and sunsets can produce a sense of calm that can help worries and stress melt away.

Pleasing Weather and Better Health
Waterfront living helps avert the impacts of the growing menace of pollution. It offers the most relaxing ambiance to unwind after a stressful day. Fresh air and refreshing environment makes you feel energized and boost immunity. Waterfront apartments and villas have become increasingly popular in most cities that builders are gearing up to launch more and more such projects with distinctive features. Well chosen locations are the most characteristic features of waterfront projects. From the expansive waterfronts to breathtakingly beautiful views, waterfront projects have caught the attention of both builders and buyers in numerous ways.

Much like the feeling of spending a day relaxing by the pool, it’s the same you get by spending some time or weekend near water to get rid of everyday stress. Simply being away from the city hassle and being able to breathe fresh air with nothing but absolute nature around, has a great effect on your health, mood, and well-being.

Vastu friendly
According to the science of vastu, a property with water body such as a pond or a lake and direction or position of different rooms as per vastu principles are beneficial to occupants.

Encourages an Active Lifestyle
Living on the beach prompts you to get out and be more active. Whether it’s a morning run, evening stroll, weekend fitness and entertainment activities, having the beach on your doorstep provides you with greater physical wellbeing.

Strong Chance of Appreciation in commercial value
In addition to the calm and tranquil waterfront homes can offer immense benefits when it comes to investment value. A waterfront house is a massive investment that will only appreciate in value over time, especially with proper maintenance. It can even be used for rental purposes if you only want to use the property occasionally or during vacations. Waterfront is a highly beneficial investment and ensures strong resale value when compared to city apartments and other common living spaces though it has certain limitations as well.

Out of the numerous living spaces on the suburbs of most cities across the world, waterfront projects are unique and highly sought-after. Having a lakefront apartment is definitely a lifestyle choice from the cool sea breeze to the beautiful waves crashing gently beyond the shoreline, owning a waterfront property is a dream come true for most people. A house located near water can be a good financial investment however waterfront real estate is in demand and in limited supply, homes tend to gain value over time.

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